Our Addiction Services

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Group Addiction Therapy

Daily Group Meetings

Group Therapy

Run by our licensed staff, our group meetings provide access to others who are going through the same things or have been where you are.

Outpatient Opioid Detox in New Jersey

Safe Outpatient Detox

Medication Detox

Through the use of medication, we offer a safe, comfortable detox from opioids on an outpatient basis.

Suboxone Doctor in New Jersey

Medication Assisted Treatment

Addiction Medication

Through the use of medication assisted treatment, our patients are prescribed specific medications which aid those recovering from opioid use disorder.

Addiction Counseling in New Jersey

Private. One-on-One

Addiction Counseling

Meet with our addiction counselors, one-on-one to work through the cause of addiction and to work through triggers.

Not Just Another Clinic

What Makes Us Different

No Judgement

Caring Staff

From the moment you call, you will be treated with understanding and kindness.  We are here to help you live the life you want.  This means we never judge and focus on your goal of sobriety above everything else.

We Hire The Best

Highly Qualified Staff

Our providers, including doctors, nurses, and counseling staff are some of the best in New Jersey.  Every member of our medical care team holds New Jersey licenses specific to their position within our clinic.

We are here for everyone

Serving The Community

Our program is built to provide care for everyone in our community.  This is why we are in-network with insurance companies, including New Jersey Medicaid.  We also have a low cost self pay option.

Going Beyond The Minimum

Additional Services

Drug Testing

We are available to give drug tests for everyone who needs it.  This includes court ordered, probation, or job requirements.

Court Ordered Counseling

If the courts have ordered addiction counseling services, but not a full recovery program, we can offer one-on-one addiction counseling to satisfy the order.

Our Program is Designed For Success

Numbers Matter


Licensed Staff

Our staff is fully licensed in the state of New Jersey and hold high level degrees.


Group Meetings a Week

Scheduling can be difficult.  So we offer multiple group and one-on-one meetings every day of the week.


Client Capacity

To keep our program custom to each client, we limit the number of patients we see.


Successful Clients

Clients who have left our program sober and who have remained sober after completing our program.

Next Wind provides Outpatient Addiction Treatment through the use of Medication Assisted Treatment.

Next Wind Recovery Centers of New Jersey, 2020